Wildlife Pavilions, Riserva Naturale Torbiere del Sebino

Competition - Proposal (Collaboration with Sweco)

Lago d'Iseo, Brescia, Italy

The drawings are taken from our recent competition entry for the ‘Wildlife Pavilions’ design competition by Terraviva. In collaboration with Structural Engineering firm (Sweco), our competition entry was focused on providing a different perspective of the site by positioning the pavilions in locations that best took advantage of the stunning mountain and embankment views to better connect occupants to nature.

A wheelchair-accessible central route acts as a bridge across the embankment while a curving eco-floating path, constructed from a modular floating dock system, runs parallel to the central route.

The three pavilions are then strategically positioned along the central route, utilising different construction techniques with eco-friendly materials.


Elevation and plan of the scheme

Perspective sketches of the scheme