Piecing Together the Ruins of Cascina Lossano

Competition - Proposal (Collaboration with Sweco)

Sant’Alessio con Vialone, Italy

Living in an age where it is essential to reutilise and reuse what we can, the project focuses on the careful restoration of these Italian ruins with the idea of creating a serene destination that offers tranquillity.

The construction strategy is non-invasive retrofitting of the existing structures, where keeping as much as possible is a prerequisite. We focused on infilling voids within the original structural columns and beams with cross laminated timber walls, large bifolding doors, and windows.

The design aims to connect the farmhouses via landscaping and garden spaces. Spaces where guests and residents can connect and intermingle. The landscaping strategy is also informed by the brief of being non-invasive and respectful of the surrounding historical context.

We utilised the natural contouring of the site to create a moderately raised amenity area, with long decks and gardens allowing occupants to feel at one with the vast farmland. A long infinity edge pool again is a feature where one can relax and look out over the expansive fields.

The program is curated for occupants to find their home away from home. Where they are submerged in the rural setting and have the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves.


Ground Floor plan of the scheme

Detailed Plan of a proposed Living Area